How to reduce the cost of making flat luminous characters

The LED flat luminous characters are simple, and the production cost is relatively low. The flat luminous characters have a strong sense of three-dimensional shape. The content performance effect is lasting, and the weather resistance, color fastness and light transmittance of acrylic materials have become the top-quality advertising materials. LED lights are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, bright, and have a long life. There is almost no maintenance, and even maintenance is quite convenient. The effect of flat luminous characters and blister luminous characters is relatively good. In the process of making outdoor advertisements for so many years, the process has been continuously improved, and it has been continuously recognized by the society! Both are It has a strong advertising role, and has a strong visual impact at night. Both of these ad words work very well. It has a good brand effect for the company's name, brand, image, and direct publicity of the company's products.