How to make the luminous characters brighter

The resin character is used to transmit, refract and reflect light with a unique light-transmitting and homogenizing layer, which can ensure uniform light emission on the surface, then the brightness of the light-emitting surface can reach 500-1500Mcd, and the resin character is at a temperature -40℃~80℃ and damp environment can work normally and safely, high strength, impact resistance, waterproof, acid proof, alkali proof, explosion proof, it is not afraid of storms and even hail attack, the protection level reaches IP68, then The resin word comes from the need to choose a good LED lamp. It is because the installation of the resin word is inconvenient to maintain. In order to reduce the maintenance cost, it is to require the light source to have a longer life. Then the resin font is complicated and Different specifications for different projects require the light source to have versatility that is not restricted by the font, and the ratio of the resin homogenizer and the color paste must be reasonable. Then the words can be produced. Meet the requirements of brightness