How to classify grid advertising materials

 As a grid cloth product, it is actually divided into many categories, and the difference between different products is mainly due to the material itself. The grid cloth is only a general term for this kind of product.
Take glass fiber mesh cloth as an example. Because of its different glass types, different yarns, different yarns, and different widths, many kinds of glass fiber meshes can be knitted, and the price of these meshes There will be differences, the choice of glass will be different, the amount of good will also be different, and the quality of the yarn used will also vary in price.
The common grid cloth varieties on the market with similar prices include: 1, pipe wrapping cloth 2, asphalt base cloth 3, latex cloth 4, plastic coated cloth 5, reinforced rubber cloth 6, fishing rod cloth 7, sea cloth (decorative cloth) ) 8. Plastic coated window screen 9, geotextile 10, wall mesh, etc.
  Many grid cloth manufacturers will talk about a problem when customers buy grid cloth. That is, our own factory has rich production experience and a long time to build a factory. There are many skilled workers. How many mesh cloths are sold in a year?