How to Choose the Best Cold Lamination Film for Your Signage

If you want to enhance the durability of your signage, cold lamination film is an excellent choice. Unlike ordinary lamination, this process uses a clear, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Cold lamination film can enhance colour vibrancy and definition, and can be used on a wide range of materials. For maximum protection, make sure the surface is clean, flat, and not corrugated. Here are some tips to choose the best cold lamination film for your signage.
Cold lamination films are available in clear and matte finishes. They can be printed on with solvent, latex, and screen printing. The DUROFIX Clear Lamination Films were introduced in 1988. They feature a pressure-sensitive adhesive and eliminate the chance of print damage. Cold lamination films are compatible with a variety of media and inks, and have many uses in the sign-making and photo industries. You can find cold laminators for a wide range of applications, including sign-making, over-laminating, and glass interior protection.
The cold laminator is especially suitable for outdoor applications. Its mounting capabilities make it ideal for laminating vinyl banners. Tape lamination, on the other hand, is a flexible and affordable option for laminating paper documents. It uses tape rolls or cartridges to create labels, stickers, magnets, and more. Contact Customer Service to find the right type of lamination for your business. A knowledgeable staff will be able to help you select the right product for your needs.