How to choose a high-quality nail box machine


Glue box and nail box are a production process of carton molding, and are the * one line of defense to control the quality of carton. Choosing a high-quality nail box machine can not only greatly reduce costs and increase efficiency, but also effectively reduce the labor intensity of employees. There are many types of nail box machines on the market. How should enterprises choose the nail box machine that suits them according to their own conditions? Today, the editor invited technicians from Dongguan Gangxu Machinery Co., Ltd. to share with us the core secrets of buying nail box machines.
As one of the post-processing equipment for cardboard boxes, the nail box machine was introduced into China from abroad as early as the 1950s, but at that time, most of them were manual nail box machines. Later, with the gradual disappearance of the "demographic dividend" in China, manual nail box machines with low efficiency were gradually eliminated by the market, and a large number of semi-automatic nail box machines or fully automatic nail box machines quickly occupied the market. Now, the nail box equipment in the market is developing rapidly in the direction of high speed and even intelligent. The automatic nail box machine is equipped with a servo control system, which makes the nail box efficiency and accuracy improved again.
Although with the development of the times, the nail box machine equipment has become more and more superior, and the performance is also developing in the direction of humanization, but there are many types and specifications of the nail box machine. How to buy the nail box machine equipment suitable for the enterprise is still Is a problem!
Choose a nail box machine and remember these three points, so that you can buy good equipment
In the past, people have trusted foreign imported packaging machinery. With the rapid development of my country's packaging machinery industry in recent years, some manufacturers have reached the level of imported packaging machinery in terms of quality, and they are very advantageous in terms of price. In particular, some old packaging machinery manufacturers with a long history, the packaging machinery they produce is more in line with the characteristics of domestic packaging, which is beyond the reach of imported packaging machinery. In contrast, the cost performance of domestic packaging machinery is higher.
As a professional nail box machine R&D and manufacturing enterprise, Dongguan Gangxu Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gangxu") believes that the following points should be noted when purchasing nail box machine:
First of all, nail box machines with good reputation and brand awareness should be selected first. Generally, the well-known nail box machine has a certain guarantee of quality, complete functions, and simple mechanical operation, convenient maintenance, and after-sales service.
Second, we must also consider the cost analysis of equipment, such as the basic price of equipment purchase, factory orders, the ease of use of equipment spare parts, the basic configuration needs of staff, maintenance costs, and power consumption per hour Etc.