How to avoid water leakage of luminous characters

It is to build a rain shelter on top of the words if the conditions and places permitting the canopy. However, this method is not used much because of the luminous characters themselves. It has a waterproof function, but with the passage of time, there will be some water accumulation in the luminous characters, and for those doors with eaves, the waterproof effect of the luminous characters It will be stronger, and it is to use sealant to seal the interface to make the luminous characters can be used for a long time, so to extend the life of the luminous characters, it is necessary to do a waterproof treatment during installation. It is necessary to provide another insurance for the luminous characters, so it is on the bottom plate of the characters and the objects to be installed, and then the edge of the luminous characters and the objects to be installed are used along the outline of the characters. The glue is to make there is no gap between them. Of course, glass can also be used to seal the joints, but it is important to note that the gap must be sealed above the luminous characters, otherwise the rain It’s easy to get into the luminous characters, which can damage the LED light source.