How much do you know about printing anti-counterfeiting ink


The printed anti-counterfeiting inks mainly include invisible fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting, tangible fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting, temperature change ink anti-counterfeiting, and spot color anti-counterfeiting. Quickly see how many do you know?
1. Invisible fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting
The material used is invisible fluorescent ink, and the printing process is simple. The invisible pattern or text printed in the ink shows a clean and bright pattern under ultraviolet irradiation, which is convenient to detect and has a wide range of applications. The disadvantage is that it is invisible, that is, colorless, so Its registration is difficult.
2. Tangible fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting
The material used is tangible fluorescent ink, the printing process is simple, registration*, the printing effect is the same as the printing effect of ordinary ink, but under ultraviolet light, the printed matter shows abnormal brightness, which can be distinguished from ordinary ink at this time.
3. Anti-counterfeiting of temperature change ink
The materials used are temperature-variable inks, the method is that colored inks become colorless, and colorless inks become colored. The temperature change range is high and low, there are reversible and irreversible points. The method has simple printing process and convenient detection.
4. Spot color anti-counterfeiting
Spot color anti-counterfeiting is also an important anti-counterfeiting technology indispensable in anti-counterfeiting technology of flexible packaging. Since spot colors are special colors configured by ink manufacturers or packaging companies with special formulas, they are not easy to imitate, and the hue is also difficult to be imitated. Generally, they cannot be prepared by several other inks. The price is similar to ordinary inks, and Good anti-counterfeiting effect.