Glued into a book


The glue seal is to glue the glue on the back of the book, then the cover is glued, and finally cut according to the finished product size. The glue is divided into wired and wireless binding. Wireless binding refers to a binding method in which the pages of the printed product are fixed on the spine with glue. Different from the previous wired binding, the wireless glue does not need wire, no wire, but glues the book block with glue.
The glued book is a book that is printed into a book, or a document, a bill, etc., and is ordered into a book and other post-press processing. The binding of books and periodicals includes two major processes of ordering and loading. The order is to set the cost of the book page, which is the processing of the book block, and the dressing is the processing of the book cover, which is the binding.