Features of Acrylic Blister Letters

It is here that the acrylic blister letters have the characteristics of colorful, colorful and durable, so the effect is good during the day and night, and the blister letters have a strong visual impact, and the scope of application is wide. All kinds of shop signs, the facades of enterprises and institutions, internal and external image walls, and large-scale luminous characters on the roof, etc., then the advantage of LED luminous characters is that they have high brightness and are especially suitable for high-rise, building advertisements and large characters. There is also simple maintenance. Then it is easier to repair than blister characters, neon signs, and energy-saving. It is more than 80 energy-saving than any advertising character with the same brightness. Then resin luminous characters The advantages of, it is to be uniform, that is, to transmit, refract, and reflect light with a unique light-transmitting and homogenizing layer, which can ensure that the surface is uniformly luminous, and it is highly bright, then the light-emitting surface In terms of brightness, it can reach 500-1500Mcd. It is based on different colors and ultra-thin. Then the unique light-transmitting and homogenizing layer can achieve a uniform light effect within a distance of as little as 20mm.