Diversified working status of carton ink printing press


The printed products are of high quality, large quantity, large specifications, and large economic effects, and they use ink-based printing machines. In general, small companies receive relatively small orders for cartons and produce products of average grade. Cartons are small in size. The printing quality and colors of cartons are not as bright and dazzling as large companies. Therefore, they only use medium and low-end ink printing presses. There are only two colors. The two-dragon production process is adopted in the operation of the ink printing press to realize a long-term production and service process. However, our country has only realized a one-stop production process. In just a few years, from the corrugated cardboard production line to the corrugated cardboard production line, the original technology is backward one-stop production process, after the merger, almost continuous production. Strengthen the maintenance of important parts. Gears, cams, sprockets, rollers and bearings are the most important parts on the printing press. Their maintenance should be different from other parts, because their accuracy changes will affect the final printing quality. The spring is the most important part of the force balance mechanism on the machine. The quality of their work directly determines the accuracy of the matching of the moving parts. Ink printing is a special printing technology. The use of ink printing technology can show on the load. Delicate color changes. The ink used in ink-wash printing needs to be diluted and dissolved. This is to ensure the smoothness of color printing. Since diluted inks are more expressive than ordinary spot colors for light color printing, designers often use diluted inks for ink printing to form a light background color on the paper for subsequent four-color printing.