Direct Printing Magnetic Sheet: Convenient and diverse display!


Direct Printing Magnetic Sheet:Convenient and diverse display!

   Magnetic materials are a new type of material developed with the pursuit of a more convenient advertising style. It is a type of advertising consumable that uses magnetic adsorption function to quickly replace advertising displays .As long as there is a place with iron materials, it can achieve the characteristics of recovery and re release over time and in different places.

Magnetic materials are formed in 3 layers. The first layer is printing layer, high definition digital inkjet printing can produce any graphics. The second layer is adhesive layer and the third layer is the flexible rubber-plastic board with magnetic molecules adding a layer of waterproof film on the surface can effectively block the infiltration of rainwater and moisture, provide sun protection, and prevent fading. Magnetism can firmly adhere to the surface of ferromagnetic materials, maintain stability, and is not easily detached. The adhesive uses acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is not easy to shrink or curl the edges. Installation, replacement, and disassembly are very convenient and fast, just lightly stick them to the surface to complete without causing any damage. The price is relatively low, the service life is long, and it can be reused. It can be directly sprayed with different colors, artistic patterns, or brand logos, and can be stacked multiple layers. Customization is accepted to meet the personalized needs of consumers.

Product Characteristics:   

Waterproof and Moisture-proof


Strong Adsorption Force

Not easy to curl

Easy to install, replace and disassemble


Customized Decoration