Determinants of light box brightness

1. The number, type, light output, color, and position of the lamp in the blister light box
2. Material --- Transmittance, light reflection, light absorption, and diffusion factor of the acrylic sheet used
3. Light box---size, especially the thickness of the light box and the reflection factor of the paint or other attached materials used inside the light box
4. Light absorption---the influence of the lamps and electrical devices inside the blister light box on the light
5. Maintenance --- The light output intensity will weaken with the increase of service life and the influence of dust accumulated inside the light box. Whether the lamp spacing is more uniform than that of the lamp made of acrylic plate depends on the diffusion factor of the plate and the Lamp interval. Generally, the effect is ideal when the diffusion factor is greater than 0.8 and the lamp spacing ratio is between 1 and 1.5.