Design considerations for luminous characters

The design of luminous characters, first of all, is the material guarantee for the establishment of a harmonious society, which is the concrete expression of the harmony between social service and visual life, then at the same time it is the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in social life, and it is involved in the scope of application All aspects of visual life, whether it is to live in the community, to walk on the street, to take transportation, to take a leisurely stroll in the square, or to shop in the mall, etc., all do not need the help of luminous characters and Service, the social disabled and the elderly and children groups have higher requirements for luminous characters, so it is the luminous character designers’ understanding of traditional culture and the inheritance of the expression methods, methods and creative concepts of traditional national elements. And assimilation must depend on the characteristics of the cultural consumption era, which is to develop at an extremely fast speed in modern society on the one hand and bring about tremendous advances in science and technology. As a guide to life, art design is a new discipline and profession between art and technology. It not only needs to realize various practical functions that take the body as an object, but also comes from this kind of pressure and unfamiliar life. The guide should also try to reflect the function of comforting the human spirit.