Craft Color Cutting Vinyl

It is also available in a variety of materials. It is easy to apply to most flat surfaces, and it is wrinkle free. It can be applied to windows, gadget skins, tumblers and walls.
The product is available in matte and glossy finishes. It can be cut by electronic machines. It is also suitable for short-term use.
When it is exposed to light, the vinyl changes to a new color. This is very useful for fabric projects and a fun way to decorate T-shirts.
This vinyl is compatible with most craft cutters. It is made from water resistant permanent adhesive vinyl. It is available in three shades and has a flexible, wrinkle free surface.
This vinyl is suitable for use on interior or exterior internally illuminated sign faces. It can be used for body decals and sign making.
This vinyl has been tested to be temperature resistant from -50degF to -225degF. It has a service life of 1-3 years. It is ideal for indoor applications. It is recommended that you test-cut it to ensure that it works correctly.
It is recommended that you clean the surface of the vinyl before applying it to ensure that it is smooth. You can apply rubbing alcohol to the surface to remove dirt. You can also clean the vinyl with a lint-free cloth.