Common problems of resin luminous characters

The power of the transformer is too small. Different font sizes need to use different transformers, and the transformers for several fonts need to be averaged. Then it comes from different lamp source models, different manufacturers and different models of lamps, and different batches of lamps from the same manufacturer. Then the luminous effect will be different. These are the things that manufacturers need to pay attention to avoiding. There is also the uneven arrangement of the light sources. Then the arrangement density of the general light sources must be operated in strict accordance with the requirements, then come When the circuit is connected in series, the main line drawn by the power supply is connected to * one word first, and then the second is connected. When it comes to the back, the current that can pass will be smaller and smaller, so the smaller the current, the brightness The lower is, there is leakage. There is a certain amount of leakage during installation, or the line is not properly routed when writing the characters, or the joints are not connected properly, and there may be leakage from the second character. , The adhesive tape of the terminal is opened and the iron is grounded, so it requires the wiring to be routed during the production, and it is necessary to check repeatedly