Color Cutting Vinyl for Sign Making

Several kinds of color cutting vinyl are available for sign making. You can use it for interior or exterior sign faces, as well as for body decals. It also can be used to create graphics on fabric.
Craft vinyl is surface-friendly and compatible with most craft cutters. It also has a permanent adhesive. The surface of the vinyl is resistant to temperature ranging from -50degF to -225degF. This makes it ideal for indoor craft projects.
It is also easy to apply. It is commonly used to make graphics on t-shirts. It can also be used to decorate gadget skins. It has been a preferred choice of professional crafters.
This vinyl product comes in glossy and matte finishes. It has a high temperature resistance range, and is compatible with both electronic and manual machines. It is also available in different sizes.
It has a service life of 1-3 years. It is also available in six different colors. The packaging is a strong carton with a paper core tube.
To apply, you must first prepare the surface. It should be clean and free from surface contaminants. Then, burnish the surface to help the vinyl adhere to the project. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe away any surface dust and dirt.
After applying the vinyl design, you should wait for 24 hours to ensure the vinyl adheres to the surface. It should also be weeded to remove excess vinyl. You can use a scraper tool to smooth out any air bubbles.