Cold laminators use a plastic film that has been coated with adhesive

Cold laminators use a plastic film that has been coated with adhesive. Unlike hot lamination, the glossy backing of cold lamination films does not adhere to the adhesive. You simply peel it off to reveal the adhesive, which sticks directly to the item being laminated. This method is preferred because it gives a professional, slick finish to your project.
Cold lamination film is an excellent choice for many applications. Its adhesive strength is high and provides UV protection. It is usually 6 mil thick and comes on a standard 3-inch core. It is compatible with most wide-format media products and inkjet papers.
Cold Lamination Film is ideal for protecting high-quality wide-format graphics. It can last for up to five years indoors and two years outdoors. Besides UV protection, this type of film is incredibly flexible, making installation a breeze. It's also a good match for high-performance vinyl media.
Cold laminators don't require electricity and are easy to use. This means that you can place them anywhere you want. You also don't have to worry about wiring and wall outlets. They are also ready to use as soon as you load them. Cold laminator film comes in single rolls for both large-format cold laminators and smaller 3M cartridges for smaller applications. Single rolls can laminate both sides of a project or just one side.