Aluminum foil sticker: Excellent rough wall and floor materials


Aluminum foil sticker: Excellent rough wall and floor materials

Aluminum foil sticker is a kind of sticker film with aluminum foil as the main raw material, also called aluminum foil anti-slip sticker and golden sand sticker. The color is super white, in line with the original color requirements of inkjet printing, the ink absorption color is bright, can be printed and processed into various specifications of the text, patterns according to customer needs, the pattern and the text not easy fading, and is resistant to be yellowish. It is suitable for solvent, Eco-solvent, UV and latex ink printing methods.

Aluminum foil rough sticker has a certain degree of ductility, especially suitable for uneven walls or floors, such as rough walls, brick walls, potholes, asphalt floors, rough cement floors, and other kinds of need for non-slip steps, slopes. Aluminum foil floor sticker has a large friction coefficient, which can play the role of anti-slip in some crowded places, such as high-speed railways, subway stations, airports, etc., indoor floors can also be mostly used. It has a rough frosted surface with less water vapor permeability, which strengthens the water vapor barrier effect and water resistance. Compared with other surface coatings, the surface of aluminum foil is treated with a special anti-corrosion coating, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance.


Product Characteristics:

Easy Clean/ Corrosion-resistant/ Sound-proofing/ Good Extension

Waterproof and moisture-proof/ Good weather resistance/ Anti-bacterial and anti-mould /Fire-resistant and flame retardant