Advertising material calendering method light box cloth sticking legal light box cloth

Calendering method: The calendering method is to fully stir PVC powder and liquid plasticizers and other raw materials, and then bond with the base fabric into a whole under the pressure of a high-temperature hot roller. Its characteristic is that the surface is flat, and the light transmission is even, and it has advantages on the inner lighting lamp cloth. However, due to the limitation of the equipment, the width generally does not exceed 3m. Both the 645 and 945 light box fabrics developed by South Korea's 3M company are produced by this process; the Lexi light box fabric developed by South Korea's LG company is also a representative of this type of process.
Sticking legal light box cloth, sticking legal light box cloth is to form the upper and lower layers of the PVC film, through heating, under the pressure of the heat roller, and the middle light guide fiber mesh together, cooling and forming. The biggest feature of this process is its excellent ink-jet ink absorption and strong color expression. Therefore, with the rise of the large-scale inkjet industry, this type of light box cloth has also brought infinite vitality.