Advantages of Window Film

Window film is a decorative, protective, and energy efficient coating for glass windows in homes, commercial buildings, and vehicles. It consists of a thin sheet of polyester laminate that is treated in various ways to improve the look, performance, and functionality of glazed glass when applied.
PRIVACY FEATURES: Most films provide a varying degree of privacy, and may be tinted or colored to meet the desired level of opacity. They can also be frosted or tinted to reduce or eliminate glare.
HEAT INSULATION & UV BLOCKING: Professionally installed solar window film helps to insulate the glass and prevent heat from escaping. This can make your house feel more comfortable in the winter, and help to lower your heating bills in the summer.
SECURITY & SAFETY FEATURES: Most window films provide a varying degree of security and safety features, including anti-graffiti protection, which keeps graffiti and other paints from being able to penetrate the film. It can also be designed to block a wide range of UV rays from entering the building, which can cause damage and deterioration to interior furnishings.
GLARRE REDUCING: Most window films can be tinted to reduce glare, which is a problem for people who work with computers or televisions. This can be especially helpful for people who are visually impaired and have trouble seeing or working in bright light conditions.
DURABILITY & CLEANING: Most window films are designed to be easy to clean and remove, and they do not leave any residue behind on the glass. They can be removed by hand or with a simple solvent and are often available in a variety of sizes to cover any size window.
AESTHETICS & DESIGN: Some window film products have unique designs and patterns that can add a touch of class to the room, creating a unique space that is both functional and beautiful. These films may have a textured appearance, or a matte finish that looks like etched glass.
PERSONALITY IMPROVEMENT: Most window films are available in a wide range of colors, shades, and textures to create a more personalized and unique look for the home. These can be used to enhance a bedroom or office, to change the appearance of the bathroom, and to give a home or business more curb appeal.
EASY TO APPLY: Most residential window films are installed on the inside of the glass, and require no tools to remove or install. Most of these films use a special adhesive to adhere to the glass, while some are non-adhesive clings that do not adhere to the glass but rather hold to it through static cling.
STATE OF THE ART: Most window films are made by a variety of manufacturers and have been tested under rigorous standards to ensure they are of the highest quality. They are usually manufactured from multiple layers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or other polyesters, and may be dyed or colored with various pigments and metals or alloys to achieve the specific properties required for the application.