Advantages of LED exposed luminous characters

The high brightness comes from the fact that the LED exposed light is completely waterproof and exposed, and it is not covered by other materials. Therefore, the brightness is higher than other luminous characters and plastic luminous characters, and the visual impact is stronger and more eye-catching. Yes, and there is a high cost performance, then it comes with a higher cost performance. The cost is relatively low. The conventional blister luminous characters are also called light box characters, which are formed by engraving molds, heating and suction molding of acrylic plates, and two sets of characters at the bottom of the characters and the modules inside. Therefore, the cost is relatively high. . The LED exposed luminous characters are punched and welded from aluminum or stainless steel plates to make a set of character shells. It is convenient to install the lamp and connect, which effectively saves the cost, and the light is even. Due to the limitation of size, there is no way for the strokes that cannot be assembled with ordinary molds. Therefore, there will be a place where the brightness of the characters is different, and the external light leakage characters are installed on a single LED lamp. Therefore, this phenomenon does not exist. , Easy to maintain, so the lamp beads that come with the exposed luminous characters can be removed directly from the back, which is simple and convenient to repair, and the blister character side needs to be removed from the bottom of the character, that is, most of the modules are If the failure rate of non-waterproof is high, then it takes a lot of cost and time to open the font for repairs on high-rise buildings.