New wallpaper


Today, on the basis of traditional wallpaper, people innovate and apply modern scientific and technological achievements, and have successively developed a series of new varieties.
Hygroscopic wallpaper
Not long ago, Japan invented a kind of hygroscopic wallpaper, its surface is covered with countless tiny pores, 1 square meter can absorb 100 ml of water. This is the ideal decoration for the bathroom wall.
Insecticidal wallpaper
The United States invented an insecticidal wallpaper. Flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other pests will be killed as soon as they come into contact with this wallpaper. Its insecticidal efficacy can be maintained for 5 years. The wallpaper can be scrubbed and is not afraid of water vapor and chemicals.
Thermostat wallpaper
The United Kingdom has successfully developed a room temperature-adjustable wallpaper, which is composed of 3 layers. The inner layer against the wall is a thermal insulation layer, and the middle is a special temperature adjustment layer. It is composed of chemically treated fibers. The outermost layer There are countless fine holes and decorative patterns printed on it. This beautiful wallpaper can automatically adjust the indoor temperature and keep the air pleasant.
Anti-mildew wallpaper
In houses that are difficult to be exposed to sunlight, such as northern rooms, dressing rooms, bath rooms, and some low and dark rooms, the use of this Japanese-developed wallpaper containing preservatives can effectively prevent mildew and moisture.
Heating wallpaper
The UK has successfully developed a wallpaper capable of dissipating heat. This wallpaper is coated with a peculiar paint coating. After being energized, the paint can convert electrical energy into heat and emit heat. It is suitable for winter application.