Laminating machine tips (1)


The pre-coating laminator is a special device that combines printed matter with pre-coated plastic. Compared with the coating type laminating machine, the biggest feature is that there is no coating and drying part, so the laminating machine has compact structure, small volume, low cost, simple operation and good product quality stability.
Pre-coated laminating machine consists of pre-coated plastic film unwinding, automatic print input, hot-pressing area compounding, automatic winding, four main parts, as well as mechanical transmission, pre-coated plastic film flattening, vertical and horizontal slitting, computer control system And other auxiliary devices.
The automatic conveying mechanism of the input part of the printed matter can ensure that the printed matter does not overlap during the transmission and enters the composite part equidistantly. Generally, the pneumatic or frictional method is used to realize the control, and the conveying is accurate and the precision is high. When the composite printing medium is small, the same can be satisfied. Claim.