The company adheres to the principle of “people-oriented, teaching according to needs, inheriting innovation, and applying knowledge to practice”. Education and training are carried out throughout the entire process of employee growth, covering employees in the fields of production and construction, management and management. From the aspects of organization, system, funds, and teachers, etc., we should provide protection for training and education work, and constantly improve the training system.
New employee training: Every new employee of Hanker must pass on-the-job training, including corporate culture, rules and regulations, production safety, job skills training, etc., to help new employees quickly understand, accept, and integrate into the corporate culture, so that they can become Real Hanker people. At the same time, it also strengthens the employees' spiritual influence and helps them establish a sunny attitude, create a sound personality, and improve professional ethics.
Internal promotion promotion: The company pays attention to selecting talents from the inside, and will provide training and learning opportunities for new promotion personnel, so as to adapt to the requirements of new positions as soon as possible and achieve a smooth transition.
Job skills training: The company not only pays attention to employees' competence in existing jobs, but also expects them to be trained as “one specialized and multi-capable” technology-based compound talents. The company has established its own skills training room to carry out job skills upgrading for employees from time to time. Training.